Bobby Saenz

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Bobby Saenz

Born and Raised in San Antonio, Dr. Saenz returns home to serve the community that raised him

2022 KMK Instructor of the Year

Dr. Bobby Saenz, leader of the KMK Part 2 team, was recently voted the Instructor of the Year. Bobby teaches ocular anatomy, ocular physiology, and ocular disease to 3rd year students all over the US and Canada. In addition, Dr. Saenz has revamped KMK's Part


2023 Slam Dunk Champion

Dr. Bobby Saenz is an accomplished optometrist who recently won the Slam Dunk Business Pearls Competition at the 100th SECO meeting in Atlanta, Ga. The audience voted him the winner after hearing about his insights on marketing, sales, and artificial intelligence, showcasing his extensive knowledge and expertise in these areas.

2023 Slam Dunk Champion

What Are The Benefits Of EVO ICL?

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